Texas based Rapper COG KA’RON’s Newest Song ‘KING KONG Freestyle’ Features his Incredible Rhyming Skills

May 25, 2021
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May 25, 2021 worklush

Texas based Rapper COG KA’RON’s Newest Song ‘KING KONG Freestyle’ Features his Incredible Rhyming Skills

The genre of hip hop is the embodiment of power. Inspired by this aspect of the genre, talented musician COG KA’RON has created a soundscape that is rich in powerful lyrical illustrations. His recently released single, KING KONG Freestyle’ is a representation of the hardships he experienced and his journey, overcoming them. Produced by DJ Miizzz, the song features his fast-paced and hypnotic rhyming scheme that is quite rare in the industry. His thoughts and emotions are clearly depicted in the brilliant lyrical wordplay featuring penetrating metaphors and verbal imageries. His charismatic voice has enabled him to make an impact on the audience bringing out the true essence of the libretto.

The prolific Houston hip hop artist COG KA’RON turned to hip hop music to escape his reality. He found a group of individuals sharing the same passion for creating original music as him in his school. With them, he started rapping and writing songs expressing his mind accurately. His group, Platinum Status Superstars created a name for themselves in the neighborhood. Though he had to leave the group due to some personal issues, he continued to pursue his musical dreams along the way. He soon founded his own production house and began the next chapter in his musical career.

Working with his production house Tha City Of Godz, COG KA’RON has been releasing back-to-back hits in just a matter of time. His latest masterpiece, ‘KING KONG Freestyle’ separates him from the contemporary crowd with its unparalleled rhythmic and rhyming pattern. He has carefully combined the old-school hip hop vibes with his modern East Coast and new wave resonance. It created a symphony that is inexplicable and inimitable. His popular rap delivery is also prominent in his previous creations, ‘get out ya feelingz’, ‘LiTT’, ‘Chauffeur’, ‘Holiday’ and more. Visit his website or follow him on SoundCloudYouTubeFacebook and Instagram for more.

Listen to the song, visit the given below link:  KING KONG Freestyle: https://soundcloud.com/cogkaron/king-kong-freestyle